Faith Fellowship

Uxbridge Foursquare Church




A Little History

During the 70’s a group of people had a growing desire to study God’s Word and to learn more about the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Together they met to study the Word and receive what the Holy Spirit had for them. Many people were born again, filled with the Holy Spirit, and found worship to be a new and refreshing avenue to their Heavenly Father. One evening while they were seeking God’s direction, it was felt that He wanted them to begin something they had not anticipated. The word God gave them was “go forward in faith”; and so, a church was born. Approximately 40 people began meeting for church regularly in the basement of a Kelly Road home in Northbridge, MA. As God faithfully added members, it became necessary to meet in larger facilities which included Trinity Episcopal Church and the Rockdale Congregational Church. Through an amazing orchestration of events at precisely the right time they were approached to acquire the Upton Church building as their home place of worship. As the church went forward with God’s plan, they became a member of the Foursquare denomination. This denomination followed the Word of God and gave them an accountability partner to assure they were consistent with God’s Word. Continued church growth led them to building our present facilities on Rt. 16 in Uxbridge, MA. God is just as amazing today as He was then and continues to pave ways for us to be a blessing to the communities of the Blackstone Valley.