Faith Fellowship

Uxbridge Foursquare Church




Our Core Values

The Word: – A commitment to obey Jesus

Spirit Led: Surrendering to the direction and empowerment of the Holy Spirit

Worship & Prayer: Passionately seeking God through corporate song & prayer

Faith: Obedience before understanding

Family: A community of care focused on preparing future generations

Freedom: Transformation through grace

Service: Doing everything with lost souls in mind and for an audience of ONE.

Our Vision

We will gather a growing family of worshipers, both believers and seekers, from MA, RI, & CT who will aggressively Rend, Mend, Tend and Send multitudes of people by employing a contemporary and creative expression of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with a deliberate emphasis on the love of God, evidenced in the current work and power of the Holy Spirit.

Our Mission

Rend: Rend our hearts and live in prayer while rendering our lives to God’s service

Mend: Help the hurting, hopeless and hindered

Tend: Nurture for and develop people as the Spirit leads through a relational systematic discipleship.

Send: Release people to their calling, placing believers in ministry, partnering in planting churches, participating in foreign missions.