Faith Fellowship

The Uxbridge Foursquare Church




Come and grow with a small group that is learning to hear from God by reading daily Bible scriptures, highlighting what is speaking specifically to you at that time, and write it down using the SOAP (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer) method.

                      YouVersion Bible App and Reading Plan

                        Evernote Journaling App

Day / Time
 eMail Contact Info
Friday @ 6:30 PM 
Starbucks/Dunkins eMail for location this week 
Bob Waterhouse
[email protected]
Friday @ 12:00 PM
 Greenville, RI
 Art Drummond
 [email protected]
Wednesday @ 6:30 PM
 Whitinsville, MA
 Donna Myers
  [email protected]
1st & 3rd Saturday @ 8:30 AM
 Panera Bread, Blackstone Mall, Milbury, MA
 James Knight
  [email protected]
 Thursday @ 9:30 AM
 Emmaus Library, Uxbridge, MA
 Ginnie Lunt
  [email protected]
 Saturday @ 9:00 AM
 Emmaus Library, Uxbridge, MA
 Lisa Soffey
  [email protected]