About FFC

Faith Fellowship was birthed in the late 70’s during the charismatic movement. It quickly became a dynamic ministry that made room for the work of the Holy Spirit. Faith Fellowship can best be described as a group of people going forward in faith. As a group we are content to only be restrained by God’s Word; not confining God by boxing Him in.

We are a people with clear, unapologetic values based on God’s Word and found in the person of Jesus Christ, our Lord. These values include:

The Word

A commitment to obey Jesus


Surrendering to the direction and empowerment of the Holy Spirit

Worship & Prayer

Passionately seeking God through corporate song and prayer


A community of care, focused on preparing future generations


Doing everything with lost souls in mind and for an audience of ONE


Transformation through grace


Obedience before understanding


Our Vision

We are a Kingdom resource; striving to employ contemporary and creative expressions of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, all with deliberate emphasis on the love of God, evidenced in the current work and power of the Holy Spirit.

Our Mission

We are a people going forward in faith: content to only be constrained by God’s Word.
We are on a mission to be a resourcing ministry, desiring to:


Rend our hearts in prayer so that we might render our lives to God.


Help the hurting, hopeless, and hindered.


Nurture and develop people as the Spirit leads.


Release people to their calling in ministry. Partner in planting churches. Participate in foreign missions.