About FFC

Faith Fellowship was birthed in the late 70’s during the charismatic movement. It quickly became a dynamic ministry that made room for the work of the Holy Spirit. Faith Fellowship can best be described as a group of people going forward in faith. As a group we are content to only be restrained by God’s Word; not confining God by boxing Him in.

We are a people with clear, unapologetic values based on God’s Word and found in the person of Jesus Christ, our Lord. 


Our Mission

We are a people going forward in faith to pursue life with Jesus together towards wholeness.

Our Core Values


Sharing life together
 We are committed to caring relationships.


Courageously giving our best
We all have time, talents, and resources to give.


Free to be real
We are people who live honestly.


Boldly following Jesus

 We respond in obedience, even when it is not easy.